It is time to start to exercise for summer

Sandra is one of the sexiest ladies at Ealing escort services, and takes enormous pride in her figure. When Sandra is not on duty with the escort agency in Ealing, she can often be spotted looking after her figure. Unlike many of the other girls at the agency, Sandra is not a believer in working out at the gym. She really thinks that it is a complete waste of money, and you may as well work out on your own.


I love the approach of spring, says Sandra from Ealing escorts of It means that you can spend a lot more time outside and I love that. Yes, I do put on a little bit of weight during the winter. The days are short and I don’t get a chance to spend that much time outside. It is all very well working out in the gym, but why should when there are so many great exercises that you can do outside of the home. I have three exercises that I really enjoy doing outside and during the spring, I always increase the intensity.


The first thing is walking. A couple of years ago I seriously into Scandinavian pole walking. It was actually a Swedish girl who taught me to use Scandinavian walking poles correctly. I thought it was all about just going walking and using the for support, but it is not. It is about so much more than that, and once you find out how, you will notice that it makes a lot of difference. I have shown some other girls at Ealing escorts, and they have really found that it has helped them to tone their arms and waists. Remember that walking is for free and poles are not expensive to buy.


The other thing that you should do is to invest in a skipping rope. It is one the best way to burn calories and as you are going for your pole walk, you can carry it with you. I carry mine in my bum bag and every so often I stop to do some skipping. You can burn a lot of calories this way, and at the same time, you work on improving your cardiac function. I always used to forget about my cardio function and so did many of the other girls at Ealing escorts.


Working out your arms and your legs using simple dip and resistance exercises is for free as well. You may not believe this, but all of the exercise equipment that you need is actually right there in the park. Park benches are great as you can actually use them to do triceps dips and even work on your legs muscles. I love to push up against trees. Not only is a very liberating experience, but it really works as well. I encourage of the girls at Ealing escorts to exercise outside. It gives you a great figure and improves your skin quality at the same time.

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