Divorced Career Woman Hires London Escort For Sex

When it comes to matters sexual pleasure, an end to marriage should not be read as a sex life death sentence. For the first few months after Pauline’s divorce, she retreated to a rented apartment, some miles away from her former home. Here she largely remained lonely in the evening after leaving her work place. She literally was in a soul searching mode. After three months of loneliness, she decided that enough was enough. She didn’t want to get into another relationship only to be hurt again. To be honest, she simply wanted a man to help satisfy her sexually. After thorough online searching, she settled on hiring one of the escorts in London to satisfy her needs.

Most escorts in London are so experienced and can hardly leave you dissatisfied, sexually. So was the case in her first encounter with David, her newly hired male escort. David quickly bonded with Pauline, making her feel like she’d known him for a while. They headed into the living room, and Pauline was ready to get her hands all over David. As the duo got into her living room, David was still holding her by her waist. As such, David surprised Pauline with a quickie immediately when they got into her living room. He just kissed her passionately, lifted her dress, pushed her G-string aside to access her pussy, with no need to take it off. To accelerate her orgasm, David went on his knees to give an oral taste to her sexual encounter. He licked her pussy so good, and she came hard on his face.

Then she lay on the nearby table to allow David to penetration her wet pussy from the back. During the act, David spanked her and gently squeezed her breasts. David signaled her to move from the table to the nearby couch, where she lay down on her back. While kissing her, one of his hands was busy stimulating the clit while the other was holding the back of her head. Pauline was literally made to cum all over the couch cover and her legs were shaking like crazy, as David pulled out and came all over her stomach. She paid him, and tipped him for his services. To Pauline, this was an amazing never had before sexual experience. She knew then that she would definitely be requesting David’s services on a regular basis.